5 Tips to Accessorize like a French Girl

French style is characterized by the appearance of being perfectly fashionable and accessorized without having made an ounce of effort. In reality, the trick is to take good care of yourself and make an effort, while only givingthe impression that you don’t. This Parisian attitude is key to approaching every aspect of your appearance if you want to radiate French style, and the same approach applies to choosing accessories and jewelry.

Lots of people think that achieving and maintaining this look is impossible - but, as a born and raised Parisian, I'm here to tell you that everyone can master the famed French girl style. Better yet, it’s easier to do than you think! Here are my tips to help you achieve classic Parisian style through your jewelry choices.

1. Keep Things Simple

Over-accessorizing is a definite fashion faux-pas when it comes to French style. Whether you're adding accessories to a simple daytime look, or putting together a whole new outfit for a night out, the key to achieving Parisian chic is to keep things simple. The French girl tends to go for understated rather than overstated looks, while maintaining the illusion that it is all totally effortless!


2. Invest in a Master Piece

 Parisian women tend to invest in fewer clothing pieces that are better quality, rather than lots of low-quality items. The same approach applies to French jewelry choices. Take some time to find your master piece - the one that you’ll wear everyday and never take off. French style depends on privileging understated jewelry, fine and delicate pieces, dainty chains, precious pendants, and artisan work. 


3. Look out for Emerging Brands and “little” Designers

Keep your look simple but unique by looking for little-known designers. There are plenty of French jewelry brands out there for you to discover - check out the French jewelry brands that we work with here! Buying mass-produced clothes and accessories is outlawed when it comes to Parisian fashion, and as Coco Chanel said, "to be irreplaceable one must always be different".


4. Mix Delicate and Statement Pieces

While too few delicate pieces don't make enough of a statement, too many chunky pieces can make you look weighed down and over-accessorized. The typical French jewelry designer might focus on one particular style of accessories, but there are a lot of designers out there, meaning that you can model a variety of pieces! Master French style by mixing your bold statement pieces with fine and delicate ones


5. Avoid Over-matching

Don't try to match your necklace with the earrings and bracelet from the same collection. This can look just too matched up and planned out to be considered Parisian. Try to mix metals - even gold and silver colors - as well as the textures and stones in your jewelry. This will create a natural and unique feel to your outfit - jewelry doesn't need to be totally matching to be perfect!


Ultimately, French style depends on a sense of freedom, fun, and uniqueness that can only be achieved by you. Keep these tips in mind, approach your jewelry choices with confidence and freedom, and you'll be well on your way to achieving a chic Parisian look!